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What We Do

Our Mission:

Ignite the power of innovation in teaching and learning for students in the Gunnison Watershed School District.

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Our Objectives:

Fundraising: Sustain and grow endowment/donations to GVEF.

Outreach: Improve communication of and awareness of GVEF.

Stewardship: Cultivate and nurture donor relationships.

Program: Balance district priorities and donor interests to enhance innovative instruction and learning in the GWSD.

Inclusiveness: Develop partnerships and expand efforts to be inclusive of our entire community.

Our Goals

Community Partnerships and Fundraising


Develop a public relations program to increase awareness of the GVEF, its accomplishments and goals (past and present), as well as increase partnerships.


Develop a fundraising plan to increase impact of grants, district collaborations, and donor management.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Empowered learners own their learning.
  • Innovation in education is paramount.
  • Partnerships build a connected community enabling and achieving continuous improvement in educational programs.
  • The Foundation is a strategic partner and valued member of GWSD.