Our Mission

The Gunnison Valley Education Foundation empowers students to succeed at learning and at life.


As a public education foundation, we believe:

  • Significant strength and possibility reside in partnership among communities to benefit all students served by the school district.
  • Our schools are anchors around which community members gather and connect.
  • As technology and teaching practices change, the Gunnison Valley Education Foundation helps our schools innovate and continuously improve.
  • Transparency in all we do inspires trust and confidence.
  • We are stewards of the Gunnison Valley Education Foundation and are responsible for its financial resources.

Our Goals

Fundraising, Advocacy, and Awareness:

  • Fundraising: GVEF provides financial support of enrichment opportunities for all students served by the Gunnison Watershed RE1J School District.
  • Advocacy: GVEF advocates for the great things happening in the schools throughout the community.
  • Awareness: GVEF promotes innovation in teaching and learning.

Our Core Commitments

We act in alignment with our values and beliefs as an organization by:

  • Remaining open to and welcoming new ideas from all segments of the community.
  • Fostering opportunities that bring communities together to enrich student learning.
  • Encouraging and supporting replication of proven strategies as well as creating new ideas and initiatives.
  • Designing fundraising plans and initiatives consistent with our mission and goals. (These plans and initiatives are aligned with best practices in nonprofit governance and leadership.)
  • Exercising balanced judgment about which creative ideas and proposals to support financially, recognizing that the primary criterion for decisions about what to fund is based on what most benefits students.
  • Practicing fiscal responsibility and due diligence in all matters involving the Gunnison Valley Education Foundation.
  • Adhering to our values, beliefs, and core commitments in both good and bad times.
  • Practicing neutrality and not espousing political or religious views related to issues confronting the communities we serve.